An excellent school focus not only on the learning in the class room but also on the learning of the co-curricular activities happening during breaks and after school. Where the pupils get to engaged in activities based on their interest and get to be part of the social life of Kochs International.

After School Programme

Our After School Programme is mandatory. By mandatory we mean every child from Reception to Year 7 has to be signed up for ASP, however you choose yourself how many hours a week your child attend ASP.

We believe it is important for the children to have time to play and socialise before and after school. It is also one of the venues where the International and the Danish children can meet.

In ASP the children will meet their teachers again. We believe it is part of a nurturing environment.

It also gives the teachers an opportunity to meet the parents on a regular basis forming a relationship where minor problems can be dealt with immediately.

By being in the ASP, the teachers get to see different aspects of their pupils, maybe discovering new strong traits of character which they have not seen in the classroom.

ASP Opening hours

ASP for Reception to Year 5 opens everyday at 7:15 AM and closes at 4:30 PM.

It is also open during Autumn Break (Week 42), Winter Break (Week 7) and in the first and last week of the Summer Holiday.

ASP for Year 6&7 closes at 4:00 PM.

Music School (ikke færdig)

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School Choirs

We offer no less than four choirs at Kochs International and Kochs Skole.

The choirs are free of charge. We believe it is important to challenge the pupils and let them grow not only academically,but also as young people who are curious and want to explore new aspects of their personality.

The choirs are an option for pupils from Year 2 and upwards. We also invite parents, former parents and staff to join our choir for adults. It is also free of charge.

We expect all participants to show up for practice on a regular basis.

We believe singing together forms friendships and bonds to your fellow choir members as well as releasing positive energy.

KOCHS KOR 1 is a free, weekly offer to pupils in Year 2&3 who enjoy singing rhythmic tunes and want to feel the pleasure in singing together.

KOCHS KOR 2 is a free, weekly offer to pupils in Year 4-6, wgo enjoy singing rhythmic tunes. We also do exercises to train your vocal, teach you to “sing out” and to sing with feelings.

KOCHS UNGDOMSKOR is a free, weekly offer to pupils in Year 7-10.

We work with polyphony, rhythmic precision, musical expression as well as other topics which are important to make a choir sound great.

KOCHS VOKSENKOR is for parents, both current and former as well as staff. The choir practices 12 times from August to December and again 12 times from January to June.

The choir sings by itself, but also together with the other choirs at Kochs.

There are regular performances at schools events. Normally three to four times a year.

School Band

KOCHS Skoleorkester is a free offer to all pupils in Year 6-10 who play an instrument.

The primary functions of KOCHS Skoleorkester are to play at special events at KOCHS, to be a musical inspiration for younger pupils and to keep older pupils interested and engaged in music.

We aim to create as diverse a school band as possible in regards to instruments represented and the genre played. We try to make sure there is continuity amongst the members of the band .