We are proud to announce the opening of our international department, Kochs International, in August 2017.

Welcome to Kochs International

Our international department will follow the Cambridge-curriculum and we aim to be Cambridge-certified by the fall of 2017.

Being part of the Cambridge family, spanning 10.000 schools all around the world, allows us to provide a true international education with a high academic standard enabling our students to pursue their further schooling, wherever they want. It allows for easy transfer between schools at primary and secondary level.

We are a great choice for Danish families thinking about working abroad, providing the children with the necessary language skills to make the transition to a school abroad as smooth as possible.

Head of Department

Head of The International Department, Mr. Anders Søndergaard Terp, has an excellent record of providing high quality international education throughout many years, first as science and mathematics teacher at The International School of Aarhus and later, as headmaster of The International School of Jutland.

The international department will work closely together with the Danish department on many levels creating an international school day with a Danish twist. We will integrate the unique strengths and characteristics of the Danish school system into an international context, providing our pupils with the best from both educational systems.

About Kochs School

Kochs School is one of the oldest private schools in Denmark and the oldest in Aarhus. We celebrated our 150th anniversary in the summer of 2016. With a total of 580 Danish pupils, Kochs School is also amongst the largest private schools in Aarhus. With age comes strong traditions and values which will be continued in the international department and with size comes stability and the ability to provide a world class education.


We will enroll up to 100 pupils aged 6-16 in our international department. To secure a place for your child, please send an email to at@kochs.dk. We will send out more information in the beginning of 2017 and invite you to an information meeting in February.

Enrollment meetings, including assessment of your child, will start in March 2017. When we have accepted the first 100 pupils, the rest will be placed on our waiting list.  The meetings will be held in the same order as we receive have received the applications.

If you currently do not live in Denmark, we will arrange for assessment when you arrive in Aarhus. Please let us know as soon as possible, if you are interested in joining us.

We also welcome applications from teachers interested in being a part of our family at Kochs School.
We expect teachers to be fluently in English and either speak Danish, or be willing to participate in language course to learn Danish on a basic level.

Contact information

For more information or to sign up please contact:
Mr. Anders Søndergaard Terp
Head of The International Department

Email: at[at]kochs.dk
Phone: (+45) 31 542 552