Kochs International provides high quality and internationally recognized education in a Danish context.

At Kochs Skole, we believe it is important for our pupils to be in a safe, understanding environment where the pupils are seen and heard.


Kochs International and Kochs Skole share the same values.

Our values are

  • communities
  • creativity
  • resourcefulness


Kochs International shares in the traditions of Kochs Skole such as the school birthday, spring market and music concerts. We also share our new traditions with the rest of the school.

School Trips

We believe in the value of travelling together as a class. To see and learn new things together, to get a shared set of experiences and enjoy each others’ company.

The focus of our school trips is both social and academic. Before and after the trip we spend time preparing and evaluating the activities.

School Camp

Every year, each class go on a school camp for a few days. The camp is always somewhere in Denmark and the focus depends on the possibilities for field trips close to the camp.

An important aspect of our school camps is for the teachers and students to work with each other in different circumstances and hopefully develop their strengths otherwise hidden in a normal classroom setting.