We value cultural diversity and want to provide a true international environment at Kochs International. That is why it is important to us that that both yours and our expectations of the school are met. Hopefully this simple admission procedure will help clarifying whether our school is the right school for you and you child or not.


To apply please follow these three steps:

Step 1

To apply for Kochs International you must first fill out and return Application Form One and if your child already attend a school please ask the school to fill out Application Form Two.

Step 2
We assess your application and will normally invite you and your child to a personal interview. You and your child may also be asked to provide a motivated application 300-500 words long titled “Why is an international education important?”

Step 3
If accepted you will be offered a place in one of our classes or on our waiting list.
If you accept a place in one of our classes you must pay the admission fee within 10 days of receiving the invoice. Your child cannot start before the admission fee is paid.
There is an administration fee of 100,- dkk per year to be on our waiting list.

Administrative procedure

When we have a place in a class we offer it to the first on our waiting list.

We aim to have an equal distribution of boys and girls in a class.

About 18 months before the start of new Reception Class we send acceptance letters to the families on our waiting list. If we have more pupils on our waiting list for Reception Class than we can accept we will select pupils by random to give everyone a fair chance.

Siblings will always be the first to be accepted in a class when there is an opening. We believe it is important for families to be able to have all the children attend the same school.

You can apply for both our Danish and our International Department. If accepted on both waiting lists you must pay 100,-dkk/year for each waiting list. If you get a spot in one of our classes your position on the other waiting list will be put on hold.

If you decide to withdraw your child from one department you must follow the standard procedure and you can choose to reactivate your placement on the waiting list for the other department.

Criteria for admission

We value cultural diversity and want to provide a true international environment at Kochs International. Our waiting list is divided into three categories;

International families living in Denmark for a shorter or longer period of time and who wish to integrate in the Danish society.
Families where one parentshas a different language than Danish as his/her native tongue
Danish families

Our aim to have at least 60% of our pupils coming from international families and no more than one third of the pupils from Danish families.

Children starting in our Reception Class are normally between 5 years 7 months and 6 years 7 months old.

It is possible to start younger, however the school must be certain the child can participate adequately in the class. The decision is made by the Head of Kochs International based on interviews with the parents.

Transfer between our two departments

Ordinarily, it is not possible to transfer between our Danish and our International department.

The school can, in special cases and after consulting with the teachers in both departments and the family, allow a transfer. The final decision is made by the management team.


You must notify the school’s office in writing with a least two months notice to the end of the month. You can not withdraw your child in the middle of a month.

Please fill out the Withdrawal Form and make sure to get a receipt from the office. Contact secretary Lone Brandt for further information by mail lb[at]kochs.dk or telephone 87 321 961.