Kochs Music School

Our tuition is 100% user-financed, however the school covers the expenses for administration, rooms, instruments and cleaning. 

Learning through play and movement, the joy of playing music, singing together and acquiring new skills, personal achievement through success and the pleasure of performance all characterize tuition in our music school. 

For younger children (Year 1-4) we offer singing, dancing and acoustic rhythmic play where rhythm, rap and movement are central. We make bands and rotate instruments, so students get to practice keyboard, drums, percussion, bass and singing with microphone. 

Children in the middle grade (Year 5-7) can sign up for rhythmic teamwork where the emphasis is placed on building a repertoire of numbers. Solo tuition is also available in piano, guitar, bass, saxophone, trumpet, drums and singing or percussion/rhythm/stomp. 

For older children (Year 8-11), we offer theory, aural training, and singing workshops focusing on musical expression, volume of voice and various sound options. Electronic music is also available, where we work with being inspired and the creation and composition of music on the keyboard using professional programs.
We also have a rhythmic teamwork group or rhythmic teamwork in a Combo group where the emphasis is on individual musical expression and development. 

During the course of the season, the children perform at various venues, e.g. Train Concert in autumn, a café concert and at the Spring Market. It is, of course, voluntary to perform, but students can be certain of appearing in at least one of the concerts. We like to be able to involve rhythmic and teamwork teams in our theatre or musical projects, and non-school activities can also be discussed. 

Further information regarding the KOCHS Music School can be obtained by contacting one of the music school directors. Contact information for the entire Music School can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Practical Information
KOCHS Music school tuition commences in week 35.
Times/days will be posted via ParentIntra and PupilIntra during the course of week 33/34. 

Enrollment deadline for season 2022-2023 is the 17th of July and will be announced via ParentIntra.
Tuition mainly takes place in one of the music classrooms during the period 8AM to 9AM and 1PM-6PM. 

The earlier tuition times are reserved for the youngest students if it is possible. 

A timetable of students participating in the music school can be found on the Red and Yellow floors.
At the beginning of the season, teachers from these floors assist in sending pupils from the after school club over to the music school. 

In the case of offer of tuition where no teaching day has been established, information will be given via ParentIntra as soon as possible. 

Students receive a text message when a teacher is absent. Therefore, there is a box for enrollment via ParentIntra, where a mobile number should be written. 

Please direct any queries regarding the music school to; musikskolen@kochs.dk or to one of the music school directors. Contact information can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Tuition consists of 2 x 12 lessons. 12 lessons take place in the autumn and 12 lessons in the spring. 

Registration is binding for the whole season. In certain cases, students may opt out of the spring semester by sending notice in writing/email to musikskolen@kochs.dk no later than the 16th of December. 

Please note that you must notify your teacher in connection with illness or other absence. 

In the case of teacher absence due to illness, school camp, exams etc. tuition will be substituted, whilst student cancellations will not be substituted. 

Students pay a registration fee of 200 kr. together with the first payment. Payment is due in 2 installments and is charged via PBS or giro issued from the school. 

Prices for participation in group tuition, rhythmic teamwork, solo tuition and workshops are listed alongside the respective tuition offer. Prices are subject to change without notice. 

Methods of tuition

WORKSHOP (Year 4-11)
Workshop is primarily a way to receive instrumental tuition which aims to give the individual student more playing time and quality, for the same cost as the individual instrumental tuition. At the same time, it is a way to try out an instrument and work together with others in a musical learning process, where one can make use of each other’s strong and weak sides. 

Workshop is a binding musical fellowship, where there is time for play, learning, fooling about, seriousness and lots of fun practice. Workshop can provide a basis for the student to continue with solo tuition later on. 

Workshop tuition is available in; Piano, guitar, bass, saxophone, trumpet, drums and singing. 

SOLO TUITION (Year 4-11)
Solo tuition is for those students who already participate or have participated in group tuition, but who wish for additional tuition in their instrument. 

Solo tuition is available in; Piano, guitar, bass, saxophone, trumpet, drums and singing. 

COMBO (Year 8-11)
Combo comprises of a team of 2-4 students together. Here the student works with their main instrument in a small rhythmic group. They learn about the function of the instrument in a group, and there is also the opportunity and time to work with personal technique and expression. 

The difference between the Combo teams and rhythmic teamwork is that in the team, the emphasis is on the development of the group’s expression, whereas in the Combo teams the emphasis is on the individual’s musical expression and development. 

With Workshop, solo and Combo tuition it will be expected that the student practices and spends time preparing for each class. 


  • Singing, dance & rhythm play (Year 1-2) No. of students: approx. 12 – 18. 
  • Acoustic (Year 3-4) No. of students: approx. 12 – 18. 
  • Multi-Music (Year 4-5) No. of students: min. 6 – 12. 
  • Workshop (Year 4-11) No. of students: min. 2 – 4. Each student triggers 10 minutes of tuition; Piano, guitar, bass, saxophone, trumpet, drums and singing. 
  • Solo tuition (Year 4-11) Piano, guitar, bass, saxophone, trumpet, drums and singing. 
  • Percussion/rhythm/stomp (Year 5-11). No. of students: min. 6. 
  • Music by computer (Year 5-11) No. of students: min.  3 – 4. 
  • Rhythmic teamwork (Year 6-11) No. of students: min. 6 – max. 9. 
  • Theory/aural training (Year 8-11) No. of students: 2 – 3.
  • Combo group (Year 8-11) No. of students: min. 2 – 4.  Each students triggers 15 minutes of tuition. 
  • Garage rock (Year 9-11) No. of students: min. 3. 

For further information regarding the various types of tuition, see below; 


A music class for 6-7 year olds where we sing, dance, play drums and have fun together.

Price: 2 x 500 DKK
Time:  3:30-4:15pm (Weekday yet to be determined)
Teacher: Sofie Bjerre Schwalbe or Sanni Bleser

A music class where we play drums and various other instruments. We create stories and sing, dance and play with rhythm and rhymes.

Price: 2 x 500 DKK
Time: 3:30-4:15pm (Weekday yet to be determined)
Teacher: Sofie Bjerre Schwalbe or Sanni Bleser

A music class where we meet and create music together. We play with rhythm, rap and movement. We make bands and play keyboards, drums, percussion, bass and sing using a microphone. We rotate instruments, so everyone gets to try something different.
You get to play music with your friends, and get to know new musical friends.

Price: 2 x 900 DKK
Teachers: Frederik Larsen, Holger Andersen, Anita Laustsen, Martin Hjernøe and Charlotte Westphall
When: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

If you have your own guitar and want to start practicing, then this music class is the one for you. We learn to play chords from campfire songs, rock and pop songs. We learn to play with plectrum and using fingers as well.

We practice a blues scale and try improvisation. We play mainly using acoustic guitar, however we also try electric guitar.

Price: 2 x 875 DKK
Teachers: Jakob Juul Nielsen, Holger Andersen, Kristoffer Gori Verdoner, Martin Hjernøe and  Asger Michaelsen
When: All days

Do you want to learn to play the trumpet or saxophone? We begin from scratch with blowing technique and fingering. We play short, easy melodies, easy rhythmic arrangements and riffs. We listen to each other, play together and help each other.
You must bring your own trumpet / saxophone to the lessons.

Price: 2 x 875 DKK
Trumpet: Jeppe Hjøllund
When: Monday

Saxophone: Anita Laustsen
When: To be agreed upon with Anita

For piano players who want to start a career together with others, this is a beginner class for 2-3 students. By beginning with simple songs, students train rhythmic understanding, finger placement, easy chords and play with keys.

Price: 2 x 875 DKK
Teachers: Marianne Bech, Asger Michaelsen, Kristoffer Gori Verdoner and Frederik Larsen
When: All weekdays

We sing pop/rock songs where we take turns between singing solo and with two voices together. Focus is on musical expression, extent of the voice and the various sound options, breathing and support. Most important of all is the joy of singing.

Price: 2 x 875 DKK
Teacher: Birgitte Mortensen
When: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Solo tuition is for students who participate in classes, or who previously have participated in a class and attended instrument tuition.

Solo tuition takes 20 min. pr. lesson.

Solo piano is available for 7th to 9th grade, choose extra 5 min. per lesson.

Please note this in the registration form.

Price: 2 x 1.500 DKK
Price: 2 x 1.650 DKK (for 20 min. only piano)
Teachers: To be advised

Guitar: All weekdays
Ukulele: All weekdays
Bass: All weekdays
Saxophone: To be agreed upon with Anita
Trumpet: Monday
Piano: All weekdays
Singing: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
Drums: All weekdays

We work with breathing, support, the various sound options of the voice, improvisation and text interpretation in a fun and creative way. The repertoire consists of pop, rock, jazz and soul. The main emphasis is on the imagination and joy of singing.

Price: 2 X 1.650 DKK
Teacher: Birgitte Mortensen
When: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

If you want to play piano and love to sing, then this could be the right class for you! We work with reading chords and getting a piano accompaniment to work. Then we combine the song and piano accompaniment. The repertoire consists of pop, rock, jazz og soul.

Price: 2 X 1.650 DKK
Teacher: Birgitte Mortensen
When: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Rhythm can be played on, and with, almost everything. We are creative and make new grooves and new sounds. We play on everything we can imagine – only our imagination sets the limit.
We work with rhythm and coordination, and it will, of course, be possible to play with the traditional forms of percussion. Singers are also welcome, as the voice is a super instrument to bring into the percussion universe.

Price: 2 x 875 DKK
Teacher: Frederik Larsen
When: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

We work with the professional program LOGIC, which is developed for MAC sound recording and editing. For instance, if you are familiar with the Garageband program, LOGIC can be described as a larger and more comprehensive program. It contains a huge library of both analogue and digital sounds, and there are many loops (small recorded sequences) that can be used as inspiration or for new creative compositions. We will work to get ideas and create and compose the music on the keyboard. We also want to record “real” instruments and work to put different effects on the different audio tracks. In other words, we want to base our creative energy on creating music, thereby gaining a greater knowledge of the program.

Price: 2 x 1.275 DKK
Teacher: Frederik Larsen
When: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Rhythmic Teamwork is for new and old friends. We sweat and swing, sing and play and play and build up a repertoire of numbers. We make fixed bands with the opportunity to try new challenges on bass, song, drums, keyboard, percussion and guitar.

Price: 2 x 925 DKK
Teachers: Holger Andersen, Kristoffer Gori Verdoner, Frederik Larsen, Charlotte Westphall and Martin Hjernøe
When: All weekdays

This class is for you if you play an instrument you would like to improve your skills. You receive targeted tuition in your particular instrument regarding technique and musical expression, but in close association and collaboration with your teacher and two other students in the class. You play along with two other instrument types, but it is your individual musical development that is important.
It is expected that you practice and prepare for your class, as in other instrument instruction.

Price: 2 x 1.275 DKK
Teachers: Jakob Juul Nielsen, Holger Andersen, Frederik Larsen and Kristoffer Gori Verdoner
When: All weekdays

Make your own orchestra and book a slot in the music room. With Garage Rock it is important to try out ideas, management and planning. There is no permanent teacher attached to this class, but there is the possibility of consulting a teacher for advice and guidance.

Price: 2 x 450 DKK
When: Friday 2-4pm

School Choirs

We offer no less than four choirs at Kochs International and Kochs Skole. 

The choirs are free of charge for our pupils. We believe it is important to challenge the pupils and let them grow not only academically,but also as young people who are curious and want to explore new aspects of their personality. 

The choirs are an option for pupils from Year 4 and upwards. We also invite parents, former parents and staff to join our choir for adults. 

We expect all participants to show up for practice on a regular basis. 

We believe singing together forms friendships and bonds to your fellow choir members as well as releasing positive energy. 

KOCHS KOR 1 is a free, weekly offer to pupils in Year 4&5 who enjoy singing rhythmic tunes and want to feel the pleasure in singing together. 

KOCHS KOR 2 is a free, weekly offer to pupils in Year 6-8, who enjoy singing rhythmic tunes. We also do exercises to train your vocal, teach you to “sing out” and to sing with feelings. 

KOCHS UNGDOMSKOR is a free, weekly offer to pupils in Year 9-11. 

We work with polyphony, rhythmic precision, musical expression as well as other topics which are important to make a choir sound great. 

KOCHS VOKSENKOR is for parents, both current and former as well as staff. The choir practices 12 times from August to December and again 12 times from January to June. 

The choir sings by itself, but also together with the other choirs at Kochs. 

There are regular performances at schools events. Normally three to four times a year. There is a small annual fee for participating in KOCHS VOKSENKOR. 


KOCHS Skoleorkester is a free offer to all pupils in Year 6-10 who play an instrument. 

The primary functions of KOCHS Skoleorkester are to play at special events at KOCHS, to be a musical inspiration for younger pupils and to keep older pupils interested and engaged in music. 

We aim to create as diverse a school band as possible in regards to instruments represented and the genre played. We try to make sure there is continuity amongst the members of the band .